Monday, October 23, 2006

1. Milestone report

Last Friday the 20th of October the anomey team met to take a look at the progress according to the 1st milestone of anomey. We were able to see some improvements which had been done over the last weeks and discussed some problems (especially with SimpleXML). In general we're good in time and our public beta release date (11th November 2006) is still realistic.

Out roadmap is accessible in the Google Group Wiki: anomey Roadmap. As you might notice some points have been moved from the 2nd to the 3rd milestone. That's mainly because we wan't to make the first beta as stable as possible. The beta might includes less modules but the included modules should be runnable without as less failures as possible.

So stay tuned for the beta release...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Status update

I'd like to inform you about the current status of anomey and our plans for the future. On our last meeting on the 11th September we defined two milestones for anomey:

Milestone 1
The first milestone is set to the 22th October 2006. This one is an internal milestone so we won't release any version of anomey at this date. Instead we appointed a meeting so we can discuss the progress and the framework changes. We specified the following tasks for this milestone:

  1. Finish Admin and Text module (fabian)
  2. Implement Gallery module with support for picasa web albums (adi)
  3. Create basis for statistics in Tardo (gaba)
  4. Write tutorial about creating a simple guestbook module in anomey (fabian)
Milestone 2

The second milestone (which is probably the more interesting) is set to the 11th November 2006. On this date we will release the first public beta version of anomey. It won't have a lot of special features but it will show you how anomey is built up and it will be usable for simple websites. You'll also be able to develop you own modules and extensions with the help of the tutorial I'll write and discover how easy it is to work with anomey.

We already set a few tasks which need to be done until the second milestone and will probably complete them after the meeting of the first milestone:

  1. Add an administration interface for the Gallery module. (adi)
  2. Integrate Tardo into anomey. (gaba)
  3. Migrate our official website to the new version of anomey. (fabian)
  4. Write a tutorial about creating an admininstration interface for a module. (fabian)
  5. Testing and bug fixing. (fabian)

Based on the feedback of the second milestone we will plan the further roadmap of anomey. In general I think anomey 2.1 (the first stable public release) will be published in the first quarter of 2007.

- fabian, head developer

PS: A hint to everyone who wants to take a look at anomey before the second milestone: you can check out the current developer version from our public read-only subversion repository (but please keep in mind, that we might change some important interfaces till the second milestone).