Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2 new subprojects: Chameleon and Tardo

We've just created 2 new subprojects for anomey: Chameleon and Tardo. Both are independent projects designed to test new planned features outside anomey. So they give you a small idea about what you can expect in the future versions of anomey.


Chameleon is a project to test the new extension system. The ground idea comes from the OSGi framework, on which the Eclipse plugin architecture builds.


Tardo is a statistic module for anomey. The goal of this module is to make a statistic of every module in anomey without special adaptations. At the moment we are working on the specification of the module, so it would be very nice if you send your request for Tardo. But we see that we need the Chameleon implementation to get what we want, so the full functionality of Tardo will be available with the version 3 of anomey. Tardo is certainly fundamentally implemented in anomey 2.0

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