Saturday, November 11, 2006

anomey 2.1 beta 1 released

Good news everyone! The first public beta of anomey has just been released. It's dedicated to all developers who would like to take a first look at the architecture of anomey. This release doesn't come with a lot of features so we strongly discourage you from using it in any productive way.

To install anomey on your server download the file, extract and upload it to your server. Make sure PHP has writing permission to the folder anomey and open the anomey directory over your web browser (e.g. Login with the username "root" and the password", go then to the admin (which is linked at the end of the page you just opened) and change the username and the password of the user root.

Requirements: You need an Apache HTTP Server and at least PHP 5.1.3. Really! Believe me, it doesn't work properly with older version of PHP.

At the moment only the original root user can access the admin interface because you can't give admin permissions to other users. This will be fixed in the next version (see issue #7). If you find any bugs inside anomey, please report them in our issue tracker.

Update 2006-11-13
There's a small update to fix a bug on windows systems and provide compatibility with PHP 5.2.0. We also made some changes to the file .htaccess to avoid HTTP Error 500 on some Apache servers.

Update 2006-11-20
There was something wrong with the beta 1.2 durring a while. The new beta 1.3 should solve it.


Unknown said...

does it work with php 5.2?

Fabian said...

Thanks for the hint. I just tested it with PHP 5.2.0 and it looks like they've change something with the interface implementation rules. However there's now an update that is compatible with PHP 5.2.0.