Wednesday, December 13, 2006

anomey API documentation

To improve the usability of anomey we'd like to provide an API documentation for all classes. After evaluating some documentation generators like PHPDocumentor, Doxygen and Natural Docs, we realized that none of them really fits our needs.

In general the tool we need should be flexible, PHP oriented, easy to use and generate XHTML valid output. PHPDocumentor was proprably the best solution but the static way it's build annoyed us. After some research we found a dynamic and fast way to generate an API documentation with PHP: The PHP Reflection API. It provides you the ability to build an class documentation on the fly and read documentation comments from the code with the method getDocComment().

The result of the first prototype was stunning so we launched a new project called Darter. The program is licensed under the LGPL and can be used by every PHP developer: simply add the source files of your project to the folder "src" and Darter will generate an API documentation on the fly!

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