Sunday, May 27, 2007

anomey 2.1 now available

We finally released our first real public version of anomey. This version isn't yet feature complete at all - but we decided to release it in the sense of open source (release early, release often). After releasing our beta version we didn't get as much response as hopped. So this is actually also a try to get more people's attention and especially more feedback.

Please keep in mind that anomey might still contains bugs - but we'd like you to find them and report them to the issue tracker in Google Code.

Since our beta release we mainly improved the admin panel - so you can now create and edit designs with the admin panel. The news module has now an Atom feed and there is a new module called "Join" to redirect to external pages from the site navigation. A new module called "People" lets you display all from anomey. This is useful for member lists or contact pages.

Along with the new version we've also pushed out a small update to our website We added a few more informations and made the design a bit shinier. In the code section you can now find out how to checkout the latest source from anomey.

anomey 2.1 can be downloaded on our website:

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Anonymous said...


Klasse CMS was ihr auf die Beine gestellt habt. Doch die htaccess stimmt nicht so ganz. die sollte man nochmals überarbeiten.

Dazu wann kommt das Gästebuch in das CMS sowie kommt noch ein wyswyg-Editor dazu?

Gruß vom space4free-forum